Queen Elizabeth’s Kohinoor is a curse for men.

Queen Elizabeth’s Kohinoor diamond is the 37.2 gram carbon block that has broken even the great kingdoms that have inherited misfortune to the extent that every man who owns it is bored with his own life . This unique stone, which has a written history of 500 years , currently has a value of eight million sixteen lakhs, which is only two thousand million in Sri Lankan currency. Nicknamed the light of the mountains, this diamond was found in a mine belonging to the Kakatiya dynasty of Andhra in the 13th century, weighing 700 carats. It is colorless and has a mesmerizing appearance. The secret Most terrifying of all is the great curse that surrounds it. An emperor who owns or steals this diamond makes his life hell after that. Maru embraces death after such a sad fate that he wonders why he lives. However, this strange curse only works for men who own the diamond. If a woman possesses this, she is entitled to the highest good fortune and fortune in the world. The best example is Queen Elizabeth II, who is currently the

Proud owner of it…

A number of jewels adorn the crown of the King or Queen of England. The most famous gem among them was the ‘Kohinoor’ diamond. If there is a gem that has become the most famous and the most talked about in the world, it must be the Kohinoor diamond.

When you hear the name Kohinoor, you think it is an Arabic word.

The wonder is how the Kohinoor diamond adorned the royal crown of England. In order to find solutions to that problem, we have to find the history of the diamond and uncover the mysteries of the past.

Replica of the Koh-i-Noor
Replica of the Koh-i-Noor

According to reports, this diamond was born in Krishna Ganga. In the mud of a mine dug on the right bank of the river Krishna in the Kollur area of the Golconda kingdom. It is also about thirteen feet deep. That precious diamond that was washed with mud went to the king’s resources. The Delhi Sultanate was becoming powerful by now. Its second ruler was Alauddin Khalji. He invaded the small kingdoms of South India and was able to seize the Kohinoor diamond. Only two hundred years passed after this dispute that happened in 1304 . By that time, the Mughals were becoming powerful. Babur of the Mughal Empire invaded the Delhi Sultanate and started the Battle of Panipat. There he managed to conquer the forts of Agra and Delhi and stole the Kohinoor diamond. The magnificent Shah Jehan, the fifth Mughal emperor, mounted the diamond on his throne to further enhance the value of his ornate throne.

Usurped the kingdom

Emperor Prematura built the Taj Mahal for Queen Mumtaz. His son Aurazeb usurped the kingdom during the period of mourning regardless of the rulership. The Kohinoor diamond was dethroned.

It is said that he cut and polished this diamond and then the weight of the stone was reduced to 186 carats. Later this diamond went to the treasury of the Mughal emperor Urzeb. But the curse of the diamond led to an invasion against the Mughal Empire. It was in 1739 . At that time Delhi was invaded by Nadir Shah of Persia. His army looted the Mughal Emperor’s precious treasury and took away everything of value. Among those resources was the Kohinoor diamond, which was safely hidden.

shouted that it is the peak of light

The Persian emperor, who had heard about this precious diamond before, showed the diamond in his possession and shouted that it is the peak of light.

He loved this Kohinoor diamond more than any other gem he had stolen from the Mughal empire. Its brightness felt to him like a ray of sun. But in the year 1747 , misfortune happened to this Persian king. He was killed. Then the king’s grandson inherited that peak of light. His name is Shuja Shah. Shuja used this diamond as a bracelet. Later, when Persia entered into a war with Afghanistan, Shuja Shah fled to Lahore for safety.

Shuja did not believe Ranjith

Ranjit Singh was ruling Lahore at that time. Meanwhile, Ranjith told Shuja that he would give gems in return for the hand of friendship extended to Shuja. Shuja gave Ranjit the diamond he was wearing. In 1813 , Ranjit Singh received the Kohinoor Anagi diamond as he wished. But Shuja did not believe Ranjith. So he gave the diamond to the jewelers and subjected it to a thorough examination. After two days of testing, they confirmed that it was the precious Kohinoor diamond. The value of this ? That was Ranjit Singh’s next question.

But the jewelers were puzzled to estimate the value of the diamond. Ranjit Singh felt indescribable happiness. He donated Rs 125,000 to Shuja.

Ranjith could not bear the joy of owning the world’s most valuable diamond. Shah Jahan Wan could not bear the joy of owning a diamond that was owned by kings, he fixed this diamond on the front of his turban. Mounted on his maiden elephant, he toured the streets with great pride to let the townspeople see the wonder of the diamond. He made a habit of carrying the diamond in special diplomatic functions and displayed the diamond to British officials and special guests.

Jewels was stolen with the diamond

But he was afraid. One day in the past, Ranjit Singh’s jewels and gems were stolen when he was drunk. Similarly, this precious diamond can also be caught by a thief. It was because of this fear that he kept him safely buried in the fort. But Ranjith wanted to display the diamond in front of special guests because he had to tell his “pampori”. Because of this, he used an army of camels to transport the diamond from the fort. A similar container was placed on the back of each of these camels. It was a secret to everyone that the diamond was on which camel’s back. Only Ranjit’s treasurer, Misri Beli, knew it.

Only thirty-six years have passed. One day Ranjit Singh suffered a stroke. It was his third stroke. Neither he nor the doctors had any hope of survival. From his deathbed, he bequeathed his wealth to sacred places. Difficult to speak, he did everything with hand seals. The biggest problem that arose after the handover of the kingdom to the eldest son Barak Singh was the Kohinoor diamond. Ranjit Singh’s chief Brahmin was by his side at this moment. He requested that the diamond be given to the Jagannath Deva Temple in Puri.

Should diamond be public property, not private property?

Whatever the king said with the hand seal, the Brahmin said that the king had given it to him. But Treasurer Belli said the diamond was public property, not private property. Therefore, it should be kept safely in the fort as it has been for a long time. Also, the right should be transferred to Barak Singh. At the end of the argument, Belli’s idea prevailed. The diamond was secured in the treasury. Barak Singh then ordered that the diamond should not be taken out of Lahore.

Tien Singh was Barak Singh’s prime minister. One day after Barak Singh assumed the title of Emperor, exactly three and a half months later, the Prime Minister usurped the power of the Emperor. Immediately, the prime minister’s brother Gulab Singh took possession of the precious diamond. Deposed Barak Singh was imprisoned and died in prison. Whether he died a natural death or was killed is a matter hidden from history. But a few days after the death of Barak Singh, his son also died mysteriously. At the same time, Prime Minister Mian Singh assumed control of the state without any fear of a future owner emerging. But unfortunately, Gulab Singh could keep this precious diamond only for a short time.

So many killings

The Maharaja Sher Singh
The Maharaja Sher Singh

Only two years have passed. A man named Ajit Singh was greedy for power and killed both Sher Singh and Prime Minister Tien Singh. Then he tried to rise to power. But the next day Mian Singh’s son Hira Singh came into action and killed Ajit Singh. He then became Prime Minister and installed five-year-old Dulip Singh as Emperor. The Kohinoor diamond later went on to be worn by Dulip Singh.

A few months later Hira Singh was also killed. Gulab Singh, who had ruled Jammu for some time, was watching the events in Lahore. But during the Anglo-Sikh war that broke out suddenly, Gulab Singh held the role of Prime Minister of the Sikh Empire. He tried to lead the war to victory but it was the British who won. But Gulab Singh got the post of Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir.

Five years later, the Anglo-Sikh war broke out again. British won that war too. Punjab came under British rule and at the same time the losers had to hand over the Anagi Kohinoor diamond to the British Queen. At the same time, Dulip Singh was exiled to England and there was no longer a Sikh state in India.

Cholera on the diamond ship

Steamship from China
Steamship from China

Now the Kohinoor diamond is a treasure of the British Queen. But it was first owned by Governor Logging. Sending this to England was the next challenge. For that, the diamond was sent by a steamship from China. This diamond was kept in a red gem box in an iron safe. However, this voyage also had to face many challenges. Cholera broke out while the ship was in Mauritius. The request of the local residents was to leave the ship as soon as possible.

Next, the ship had to face a severe storm. However, the ship was able to reach England safely. On July 1 , 1850 , the Kohinoor diamond touched the surface of England at the port. It was presented to the Queen at Buckingham Palace two days later. It is also a special event that the East India Trading Company completed 250 years on that day. The queen thought that the precious diamond, which was being exchanged between several owners, should be shown to the people of England. But she did not ride around the city on an elephant wearing a turban like Ranjit Singh of Lahore. What she did was to hold an exhibition in London’s Hyde Park.

Prince Albert decided to re-cut and polish the diamond

As many as two million people came to this exhibition and they looked at Kohinoor with the feeling that it was a great asset for their country. with pride But this diamond could not please the onlookers because the onlookers could not understand its true value. The reason was that the diamond was not cut properly. Because of this, Prince Albert decided to re-cut and polish the diamond to give it its true value. This took thirty-eight days and cost eight thousand pounds. At the same time, the weight of the diamond also decreased to 105.6 carats. The diamond had sixty-six facets, an increase of six over the number of facets in a normal diamond.

Queen Alexandra wearing her crown.
Queen Alexandra wearing her crown.

Either way, this precious diamond caused Queen Victoria to be amused. At that time Queen Victoria wanted to show Dulip Singh Maharaja of Lahore who was under protection in England. Dulip Singh was surprised to see this wonderful diamond, his mouth was speechless and his eyes were filled with tears. Queen Victoria died in 1902 . The crown was then inherited by King Edward VII. King Edward decided to attach this great Kohinoor diamond to his wife Queen Alexandra’s crown. The diamond, which had been in the possession of men until then , was placed in the crown of Queen Mary in 1911 , in 1937 in the crown of the Queen Mother and on her body when she died.

It was then kept safely in the Jewels of the Tower of London. But during World War II, the diamond was taken to Windsor Castle for greater protection. It was hidden in a pond for complete protection from war. It was taken back to the Tower of London after the war.

It is believed that the men who owned the Kohinoor diamond were cursed. When historical events are taken one by one, there is no mistake in that belief. Almost every male who possessed it either lost his kingship. Otherwise life was lost. Therefore, we should think of Kohinoor as a wonderful diamond that brought ruin to men and fortune to women. How a diamond that was the light of the throne and the crown became a misfortune in life is forever a problem…..

India claims rights to royal diamond… ?

Among the common people and diplomats in India and Britain, one of the issues that attracted much attention at this time was the issue related to the Kohinoor diamond. The dispute has a long history and has recently returned to the social scene.

The Kohinoor Diamond

It weighs 105 carats and is considered one of the largest diamonds in the world. (It is reported to weigh 793 carats when it is in its natural form before being cut and polished ) This name is derived from its size and its meaning is ‘the sin of light’. It was found in Guntur region of Andhra Pradesh, India. Today, it remains a jewel attached to the crown of the British Queen.

Dispute over rights

However, there has been a dispute between the two countries regarding the ownership of this diamond for a long time. The Indian government first requested the return of this diamond in 1947 , immediately after India gained independence . The second request was made in 1953 , when Queen Elizabeth II was crowned . In both cases, the British government has rejected the demands.

Return requests are rejected by the Britain government

In 1976 , the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Ali Bhutto, wrote a letter to the British government asking them to give the Kohinoor diamond to their country to show the world that colonization had stopped and that the British government no longer supported it. But that request was also rejected by Britain. Then again in 2000 , some representatives of Parliament of India presented an opinion that this diamond should be returned to India. 2010 When the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron, came on a visit to India, giving answers about this request, he said that it is very difficult to fulfill the request. Because then all the former colonial countries can demand the ancient objects that they claim to be theirs and in that case the museums of the United Kingdom will have to be closed. In his subsequent visit in 2013 , he again said that he could not give away the diamond.

In 2016 , the country’s culture minister said that he would work to get it somehow, and there has been a discussion about this again. A case was also filed in the Supreme Court of India in this regard.

The case of the diamond

Several cases are reported in this regard. Also in the Supreme Court of India. Cases are pending in the High Court of London, England, and a High Court judge in Lahore, Pakistan – the Attorney General of Pakistan and the Attorney General of Punjab are working to submit a petition to the Indian government in this regard.

In the Indian Supreme Court case, the country’s Solicitor General said that this diamond was handed over by Ranjit Singh Maharaja to the then British rulers of East India in 1849 , as it is clearly stated in the related agreement that this cannot be considered as stolen unless it was given as a gift. y. Therefore, it was stated that the Indian government had no legal right to force Britain to return it to India.

It cannot be considered as a gift, it was stolen…

However, in the petition that is about to be presented in this regard, the parties concerned state that they cannot proceed based on the relevant document. Because according to them it was forcibly taken by the British rulers from Dalip Singh, the Maharaja’s grandson. Thus, it cannot be considered as a gift, it was stolen from India and the area where the diamond was found currently belongs to Pakistan, so its right should belong to the Pakistani people.

In this regard, a group of Indian businessmen and a group of Bollywood actors have also paid attention and they have filed a case in London, England. They say the diamond belongs to the Indian people and should be returned to India. They further say that India was destroyed by the British due to colonization and this diamond should be returned to make up for its loss. They filed this case under the Holocaust (Return of Cultural Objects) Act in England. It is imposed to recover stolen works of art – ancient objects.

Moreover, it has been said that it is expected to use the theory of ‘ Trespass of Goods ‘ included in the common law. They had also told the media that if justice was not done to them, they would even take this issue to the International Court of Justice.


However, many people in the world are watching this closely, wondering what will happen. But some say that this is a temporary chatter and the heat will die down in a few days. Greece also previously tried to take legal action against Britain over one of their works of art, but they abandoned it midway. Will it be the same this time ?

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